Our Values


We're on a mission to help people and provide the greatest positive experience for not only our customers, but for everyone through a holistic ecosystem designed to improve everyone's minds, bodies and spirits through healthy foods, physical fitness, mental fitness and inspiration.



The word 'Breakout' in our name symbolizes breaking out of old paradigms and breaking through the mental barriers that inhibit us from achieving our potential and becoming the best version of ourselves.



We strive for honesty and integrity in every way, both within and outside of our company as well as in our personal lives, by recruiting and retaining team members who uphold and reflect our values. We strive for complete transparency with our products, our processes and our culture.



We are all creators, and creating original solutions to challenges is how we best serve ourselves and the world. We are innovators who constantly search for ways to improve our methodologies and products to better connect mankind to Mother Earth through our holistic ecosystem for mental, physical and spiritual fitness.